what i did instead of the cleaning

We were so cross on Monday morning.  The house was a mess, we hadn’t done the washing etc. etc.  Clive had a list of about 10 things to do on the weekend but all he got to do was drive the kids to parties and install a fish pond, which as you can imagine created mud EVERYWHERE, mud on the path, footprints on the carpet … BUT it is going to be great (and I am looking forward to adding fish to our family).

Then on Sunday it was Mother’s Day, and I didn’t do anything helpful, I just sat around waiting for breakfast in bed and looked at Pinterest and Instagram – excellent work family!

It was sort of my downfall …

On Monday we both agreed that we should have done more of the essential stuff on the weekend.  Clive was rushing for work, and so I said ‘don’t worry, just leave it, I’ll do it today’.

BUT THEN … I couldn’t stop thinking about macrame … which I had been looking at on Pinterest on Sunday as I waited for my bacon and eggs.

So, I sidelined my cleaning plans and spent the day making macrame hanging baskets instead.  It took me a couple of hours to go to Masters and Bunnings and find some interesting string and other bits and pieces.  I watched a great ‘how to’ YouTube clip to refresh my childhood macrame skills (I am sure like MY mum, YOUR mum had a house of home made macrame planters in the early 1980s).

Then I vaguely followed the instructions on how to tie basic macrame knots to come up with this!  It looks simple, but it took me ages to make, I got all tangled up in the string, and it kept getting uneven up the top … quite a tricky business really, especially the first time.   I used some second hand washers and some nuts that were hanging around for a bit of a rusty, industrial feel.


the tin of rusty washers – thesecondhandcity.com

I am quite pleased with the result, although I am not sure why I chose fluorescent pink – it did seem fun at the time – but it really doesn’t go with anything at MY house.  I have resorted to hanging it outside.  I will have to make sure the geraniums in the pot are pink – that might tie it in and tone it down a bit!

But how great does it look with the Quality Streets tin (rusty with touches of pink – perfect).  I finished it at about 3.20pm, just in time for the school pick up.


the hint of pink in the Quality Streets tin ties in with the macrame – thesecondhandcity.com

At 4pm, after collecting the kids I did 2 loads of washing and cleaned the kitchen sink (and put the dishwasher on).  A bit of an improvement on things.

But then after tea I was straight back to the macrame (this time in blue).  It was much easier the second time.  I added in some snazzy blue wall plugs for a bit of extra fun.

And the housework, well I am SURE the housework will wait …


I made this one to match my bathroom – but then realised I had no way to suspend it from my dodgy 13 foot lath and plaster ceiling – thesecondhandcity.com








  1. My mum did heaps of macramé and would incorporate little pine cones! The tins look fantastic. I attempted macramé for our school fete last year but found it exasperating. By the way – I play tennis with your mum and she told me about your blog. It’s ace!


  2. Ha! Love a bit of macrame – bringing back a childhood memory of knotting and getting into knots! Recently made one which i intend to dip dye – made with cream rope – and purchased orange dye – BUT I have to put the housework on hold! Need to take your lead!


  3. They look great, I agree craft comes before housework…..I think the pink looks great in the garden 🙂


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