yarn bombing at home

bike racks on High Street - thesecondhandcity.com

bike racks on High Street – thesecondhandcity.com

I love yarn bombing.  It is so cheery and community minded.  I always notice the bike racks on High Street, Northcote –  and whenever I pass them I have happy thoughts about their bright colours and I am reminded that someone took the time to make a cover for them.

Here’s another example of yarn bombing on Little Lonsdale Street in the city.  Clive took this photo one morning on his way to work, just because he noticed …

parking meter

Last week I went around to my friends house and her Mum had yarn bombed her toilet!  My friend had a bit of boring pipe under her hand basin – but no more.  It is now a delightfully patterned and textured knitting-covered pipe – made from scrap wool and ribbon of course!


from boring pipe to lots of fun – thesecondhandcity.com

A project this size is the type of knitting I can handle.  I am inspired…

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