screen printing tea towels

I have been doing screen printing for a couple of years now.  These are the first tea towels that I screen printed with my sister Elise in 2012.  They were for the Fairfield Primary School fair.  I purchased the tea towels from Linen Line – 100 at a time.

My enthusiasm for screen printing was revived on the weekend as a drove past a house with about 20 screens out for hard rubbish.  I collected some for myself, and some for Kayti at school who is also into screen printing (if she wants them).

I hope it will be simple to clean them and reuse them.  Alternatively I think it looks easy enough to put new screens on (I looked it up online).

How exciting!   To date I have just used very simple outline prints as I have only had one screen.  But now I will make some permanent screens with more complicated designs.


Fun, fun, fun!


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