great coffee and a yummy muffin for $5, served on vintage plates and saucers at harvest – thesecondhandcity.com

When you think about it, very often when you go out in Melbourne it is a second hand experience.  For example, on Wednesday I had coffee with my friend Bettina at Harvest in Station Street, Fairfield (the old Organic Gertrude) and took note (and a photo or two) of their easy-going second hand style.

Some lovely saucers for the latte and flat white, interesting side plates for the muffins, eclectic cushions on the bench seats.

And outside, a great collection of chairs!   Second hand is the new black … well, it is pretty fun and EVERYWHERE.

great second hand chairs at Harvest - thesecondhandcity.com

great second hand metal chairs at Harvest – thesecondhandcity.com


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  1. ahhh.. second hand chairs… i have a total and unrelenting weakness for these in many forms… i have 21 in my shed waiting to be transformed….

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