the walk to school (a reason to buy coats)

wpid-wp-1398215382010.pngI only have a small amount of hanging space in my wardrobe, and it is pretty much entirely taken up with coats.  Every day when I walk my children to or from school in the chillier months I put on a coat.

Whenever I visit Savers or Value City on Oakover Road in Preston, I always check out the coat range.  These large second hand clothing stores are great places to find interesting coats.

My very favourite second hand coats are 1. my dark grey woollen duffle coat (bottom right).  When it gets really cold I live in this.  And 2. my mid grey Seed coat with the ties at the bottom (middle left).  For a rain coat it looks quite stylish.  And it is very comfy – it has a knitted cotton lining.  Sometimes I wear it all day.

I used to LOVE my green cord jacket, a bit retro, but didn’t wear it very often last winter.  And it is wearing out around the pocket – however the colour is great and I can’t bear to throw it out …

And I often go back to what I think of as my ‘Beatles’ jacket with its shiny eyelets and hook and eye fasteners (top left).

The latest addition to my coat collection is the light grey Geoff Bade boiled wool coat which I found at Savers last year.  I was very excited.  I love the idea of a boiled wool jacket (it just seems so cosy) but often the styles are very daggy and nanna-ish.  This one on the other hand is quite drapey and interesting.  People comment on how nice it is when I wear it.

I love coats.

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