screenprinting (upcycling) t-shirts

upcycled love heart t-shirts -

Screenprinting  is so easy and fun.  You just need to buy a screen and a squeegee and the paint.  For the recent fair at our primary school I gathered together some of the donated t-shirts and dresses and screen printed them – selling them on the craft stall as ‘upcycled’.

I did a big love heart and also took a photos of Fido, the Fairfield dog sculpture, and then used the outline of this to make a screen print as well. I cut the images out of transparency paper (to make a permanent stencil) and then used masking tape to attach the paper to the screen. The great thing about this method of cutting out the stencil is that I can wash them down and use them again and again.

upcycled fido t-shirts -

They sold quite well and I enjoyed making them.


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