i love green (bathrooms) too

I love my sister’s bathroom.  The old farmhouse she lives in has been in her partners family for generations.  The bathroom has an old white enamelled bath, a green basin, pretend tiles on the wall and some great blue, olive, grey and white lino.  When Merryn and Chris moved in they updated the bathroom by installing a toilet and giving it a paint.

Green is Merryn’s favourite colour, and she did a great job in choosing a lovely minty green for this room.  It is bright and clean looking and also really shows off the old basin.   She says the colour scheme revolves around the little flower tin on the glass shelf, which she inherited (well Nanna was going to chuck it out and Merryn said she’d have it), but I also suspect it revolves around the roses that grow profusely in her garden!  How beautiful are they?  She often fills her little white jugs (from Ikea) with a collection of beautiful, wonderful smelling blooms.

And it is a bathroom that is useful.  The square green tin stores hair brushes and hair ties.  The white cupboard stores the towels.  The cute little basket made of sewn together cards (I will devote an entire post to these one day as my Mum is quite the collector and when you start looking out for them they pop up quite often) holds the toilet rolls.  And the mirror cupboard between the windows holds the usual bathroom bits and pieces.  If only I had an old farmhouse with such great bones …

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  1. I love this bathroom – the colour is gorgeous. Your sister has a knack for pulling it all together!


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