hamilton tip

As a second hand fossicker I think there is nearly NOTHING BETTER than a tip shop.  There is always a bike around for any children in tow to play with and keep busy, and if you fossick with an open and creative mind you can usually find a treasure and the price is typically a couple of dollars or ‘just give us $10 love, for the lot’ if you find a pile of stuff.

I have been looking forward to Hamilton tip for some time, but my younger sister Merryn, a local, has talked it down somewhat, and so on the last few visits I haven’t ended up popping in.  But this time was different.  I got on the 8.04am train with the kids at Spencer Street (I know I should say Southern Cross but it remains Spencer Street to me) and got off at Ballarat, had a 20 minute break (in which time I watched a man down a VB stubby at the bar?! – who knew they had bars at the station or that people bought VB stubbies before 10am) and caught the 10.10am bus to Hamilton, arriving at 12.30pm.  Merryn picked us up.  A stop at the bakery, and then STRAIGHT TO THE TIP SHOP.

And it was undoubtedly worth it!  2 great wooden boxes for me, a mesh food cover and some tongs for my sister, some fab. cups and plates (of course I obviously don’t NEED them but I couldn’t possibly pass them by), a scooter for my nephew and a crazy light up plastic log (perfect for pretend campfires – Merryn is a kinder teacher).  And all for the bargain price of … wait for it … $5!!

Feeling somewhat guilty at this ridiculously low price I went back for a second look and found a great portable electric outdoor light on a stand for $10.  I don’t think I will keep it myself, but I am sure someone in my extended family would like it … my brother in law … my dad … I will save it as a present for our family ‘second hand Christmas’.

I left feeling satisfied … another great tip shop, another great tip experience!  Now I just have to get this stuff back to Melbourne.


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  1. I love everything you bought – especially the green and white china. Good shopping. I want to go to the Hamilton Tip Shop too.


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