extraordinary tapestries

I came across these tapestries at the Salvation Army Op Shop in Kew a little while ago and had to snap a photo (I didn’t buy them) just because they were so full on!

They were sitting together, so I assume that the same person made them both, or at least someone owned them both.  They were about 60 cm tall, so quite large, and quite eye-catching.

I always think about starting a tapestry collection since I saw an article on Penelope Durston and was inspired by hers.  I think the article I read was in Frankie magazine (but you can also see her collection  online in an article on The Design Files).  I am not sure if she would buy these –  her collection seemed a bit more subdued, but I think these would make an EXCELLENT start to a very interesting collection!  And they weren’t at the Salvos when I went back a week or so later, so they obviously sold – I wonder who bought them and where they are now …

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