carpet tiles can be fun

We recently upgraded our outdoor room from a ‘garage’ to a ‘studio’ – you know, added some glass doors, rebuilt the walls, added insulation, built a new roof and …. put down new flooring.

With an old concrete slab that wasn’t exactly water tight it took a while to decide what to do.  I didn’t want to spend too much, or put down anything too permanent.  And then, I came across McMats on Ebay and all my problems were solved.

I headed out to Bayswater North (not far from my childhood stomping ground) to check out the great and random range of used carpet tiles in this warehouse.  Luckily they were happy for me to spend some time laying out the carpet tiles so that I could work out the combination I liked.  I tried to choose all the bright and patterned tiles from the 3rd grade pile (only $1 each), although I did splash out on some 1st grade tiles that were more expensive.  I think I ended up spending about $70 on my 3×6 metre space, and I had quite a few spares left over.

I am very happy with my new little studio and I love the carpet tiles.  If in the future I acquire either a holiday house or a warehouse apartment McMats will be one of my first ports of call!

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