country road cushions

Cushions are a fun thing to look out for when out second hand shopping.  Recently I have found some very lovely Country Road cushions.  My first purchase was a cream cable knit woollen cushion – a style I have been admiring for a while in home magazines (being a dabbler in knitting myself I have vaguely considered hand knitting a cushion … ).  This cushion didn’t have an insert, and was quite bally (as wool sometimes gets) when I found it and it was very cheap (only a couple of dollars).  I washed it and gave it a once over with a fuzz remover and put in a feather insert.  It looked great.

Then, about a month later, on the way home from my daughters gymnastics one Saturday afternoon, I spotted a garage sale and stopped.  I picked up the linen Country Road cushion with the blue stripe.  I was very excited as I really love it as well!

And the lady running the garage sale told me she was an interior decorator and had the olive and cream striped linen cushion custom made.   I couldn’t resist this either at $5 including the feather insert.

So now I have a great new (to me) collection of cushions!

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