cast iron bed

I bought this bed well before I had a use for it … but I couldn’t resist.  It lived in my garage for a couple of years.  I got it for a bargain at the Church of Christ op shop in Northcote.  I really love it.  It is a bit battered, but I think that is part of the charm, and apart from washing it down I haven’t done any repairs to it.

It is now in my daughter’s bedroom.  I have tried it with a variety of covers, quilts, colours and patterns, but have decided that it looks best with lighter colours.

I am very happy with the chenille bedspread that I used to sleep under as child when I stayed at my great-aunty’s farm in Yarra Glen (ie. an inherited item) teamed with a lovely second hand quilt at the end (the aqua in the quilt matches the tiles in the fireplace in that room).  This quilt is one of a pair that I purchased at the Point Lonsdale op shop.  Is there anything better than a second hand quilt direct from an old beach house?  I love coastal op shops.

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