Gumtree disasters

I have been banging on lately about the joys of online second hand shopping. 

Exhibit a.  Our $13 couch.

But … Then, just out the back window, plonked unceremoniously in the centre of our back yard I present Exhibit b.  Our Gumtree disaster – a washing machine.  

Our old one broke, and I thought, well why not get the same one but a bit bigger from Gumtree. So I emailed and organised, and sent Clive off with the trailer to waste a Saturday getting a washing machine from Camberwell … That then didn’t work.

Luckily we got our money back.  But … we couldn’t face another wasted day returning it when the owner didn’t want it back.  And so there it sits.  In our garden.  A sad and sorry sight.

A big white metal reminder that not EVERYTHING works out on Gumtree (and a reminder to ME to ring Council and book a hard rubbish collection!)


My chair …

So … you know … I got that free cane chair on Gumtree.  For the Art4All chair auction.  And I have been thinking about what to do with it as it has sat awkwardly in our lounge room for about a month now.

But … at the same time I have had this little idea in the back of my mind … That has completely nothing at all to do with my cane chair.

You know that traditionally the chair auction is about painting a chair. But I have never gone there because truthfully I haven’t been at all confident that I have the skills. Because I haven’t really done any painting before.  So I have reupholstered chairs … and made chairs out of books … and avoided painting a chair.  

But my idea has been brewing and growing and so … this year I am taking the bull by the horns.  Hello MANGA CHAIR.

On Wednesday afternoon I went past the paint shop so I could implement my idea.

First a I painted my face (sans nose).  I was very happy with the eye.

Then Thursday morning I got up at 5am and added some roses and leaves before work.  And smoothed her skin out a bit.  I also fixed up her tears.

And then after work I added the nose … and tried to make the roses look better.

So …Friday morning … And this is where I am up to at the moment.  I think I need to do a bit more work on the roses and a lot more work on the leaves.  And then if I can ever let go and say enough is enough I will give it a good couple of coats of sealer.  And then … keep my fingers crossed that someone wants to buy it at the Art4All gala evening chair auction. Surely everyone has been secretly dreaming of a ‘manga girl with blue roses’ chair.

Fun, fun, fun!  What did you do at 5am Thursday morning?



upgrading via ebay

We found Elise’s teak outdoor table in hard rubbish.  Back in the days when Boroondara had hard rubbish (the glory days).  

I recall driving home with it and a similar teak table for my friend Myf on the roof of my car.  

And then Elise found teak chairs on EBay.  10 for $100 from Clifton Hill.  She kept 6 and gave 4 to Nick’s brother (I think).

But last week she found a newer looking teak outdoor setting on EBay, just in Coburg.  And upgraded for just $60 or something crazy like that.  That’s a pretty great price for a teak octagonal table and four chairs don’t you think?  

The lesson, buy off-season on EBay.  You might pick up a bargain like this too.