a night of great vinyl

Last weekend I went away on a girls weekend to  Daylesford and the house we stayed at (on Airbnb) had THE BEST 80s record collection.  The classic albums just kept coming and coming.  And the compilations …

I wonder if this is an original collection or or if they have collected them more recently?  Whatever the case I am impressed.


look!  i finally tiled the kitchen

And when I say I, I probably should say we, or even more specifically Mum.  Thanks Mum!

I did the drudge – cleaning off the glue and the grouting.  And making cups of tea.  She did the glory – sticking the tiles on.  And Dad did the cutting.  Go team Coughlin!

It took all my spare time for 3 days.  Which I suspect is probably why it took me 2 years to start.  But now I have!

To celebrate my Moroccan looking tiles (that were made in Italy but called batik blue – which just makes me think of Bali) I got down my Scanpan tagine – that Mezzy gave me for Christmas (found at the op shop).  

And I cooked some middle eastern lemon chicken deliciousness … in my middle easterny kitchen.  Yay. Yay. Yay.