camping in september

Last year was okay.  We went to Maryborough and the days were clear and crisp.  Not a lot to do in Maryborough … but the weather was fine.

This year however it has been the soggiest greyest and MOST AWFUL time to camp in Daylesford EVER (maybe … although it’s not snowing, and actually the last 12 hours have been okay … but there’s a huge storm on the way right?).

On the upside

  • The kids have still had loads of fun with their cousins – freezing cold tents, endless rain, mud and all
  • We had a great dinner at the Old Hepburn Hotel (parma night – my choice introduced me to be the joys of a schnitzel topped with fried onion, bacon, BBQ sauce and cheese!)
  • I didn’t have to cajole too much to get the kids to The Mill Market (some room to move around inside – and out of the elements – was appreciated for once).

Here are a few things I admired there …

1. $20 for this crocheted blanket.  I like the apple green and pink combo.  If only I knew someone with a new baby.

2.  Little blue drawers.  I love this colour (I think you know that).  And the drawers themselves might actually be useful.  Should I buy them?

3.  Either of these globes.  My grandpa had one when I was little and I loved looking at it.  These 2 are extra lovely.

4.  This fabric.  $50 for 2 metres is quite a lot, but it fits right in to my current interest in florals and green/blue.  I won’t buy it, just window shopping on this one.

5.  Old washing baskets.  These ones were v. expensive.  Which reminded me to take better care of the 5 I have at home.  I am prone to leaving them out in the elements by the line or filling them to overflowing with heavy crafty projects.

That’s it.  Actually there were more things that I liked, but my phone battery died (so annoying).

What I bought?  Obsessed with all things weather related I bought a hat.  It’s so soft and I love the big pompom.  It will be perfect for sleeping in in the freezing cold tent!

But today … Today we are going to the spa.  And it won’t matter what the weather is like there!


new season

Last weekend I was on a mission. A renewing mission.  I went to the op shop and bought some new-to-me things.  Including a sporty jacket for when I wear my Lycra all day*.

 And then I went to the real shops and bought some new-new things that I have been coveting.

And I did a huge wardrobe cull and I folded and sorted (see, so proud).

Since then I have been wearing my new to-me and new-new clothes with pride and feeling peace and love with the world.

I just don’t know how I survived a whole winter with tan boots without this corduroy skirt … It goes with so many things in my wardrobe.

And my new-new 3/4 wide leg pants are superb.  I admired them in Seed all last summer … faded denim.  They are now on speed rotation through the washing/drying/wearing cycle.

And I got some of those baggy crotch pants.  To go with my new-to-me silky black singlet top.  Fun.

Happy spring (cleaning)!


CAPtivting creations – recycled art

At Art4All this year we decided to do a recycled plastic lid project.  

We were inspired by Choi Jeong Hwa’s Mandela Of Flowers 2015 at the Queensland Art Gallery that enabled people to immerse themselves in plastic lids, see?

But … we wanted something permanent from our Community Art Project this year.  On Pinteret I found lots of great things made from recycled plastic lids.
Like this.

And this.

But we all (the Art4All Committee) agreed we were most inspired by this.

So we put the call out and everyone at school started collecting.  Over 2 months we filled 4 wheelie bins with lids.

And then we got a parent to weld 6 frames like this.

And we cut about 600 branches from wire and bent one end over (to avoid eye injuries).  And then we had a ‘drilling-bee’ and drilled holes in all the lids.

Finally we let the kids start threading …

Our tree branches are a combination of plastic lids and wooden beads, with a few CDs thrown in for good measure.

We made a lot of progress over the weekend.

The project appealed to kids young and old.  And lots of adults helped wind the branches on to the frames.

Great huh?  Our 6 beautiful plastic trees are now being tidied up, with all poky wire being rewound so the trees are safe.  Then they are going to be planted with concrete in pots and placed in our school grounds.  

What a great legacy of Art4All 2016!  Don’t you think?